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SEO Digital Marketing

The visibility of your jewelry shop online is crucial; that’s why we offer an effective service that is precisely about SEO, Search Engine Optimization.
It allows you to:

  •  optimize site performance, both in terms of content and navigability;
  • improve search engine rankings, that reward web pages with the best content and easiest-to-navigate design.

The necessary steps include consistency in graphics and text, well-specified targets and goals to be developed and tracked over time.
This will help your site to generate more qualified traffic, reaching users interested in your company and the products it offers.
Therefore, to make up for the daily need to work in line with the enhancement of your site, we have developed a web plugin that automatically manages the indexing of products, by the use of complex algorithms, complying with search engine standards and translating the content through artificial intelligence in every language in which the products are published on the site.

Digital Marketing

Social Media

Social media nowadays is essential to tell your story, your identity and your values.
Our Marketing department is dedicated to analyze and plan the best strategy, adapting it to the needs of each individual client, then dealing with providing a side-by-side training for your staff; this makes it possible to let you take the lead and become autonomous in the evaluation of results, such as images, articles and videos.
We also guide you in planning multichannel marketing activities, such as email campaigns, WhatsApp, Ads, etc.
Consistency and focus reward your company in the long run, as it will reach new users from both social media and your website, resulting in detailed customer profiling, which converges your marketing into one to one actions.

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