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Digital Marketing | SEO

Your web showcase allow to develop a massive number of contacts, in order to achieve a precise target and to interact with during their maximum online respond.

Among the many activities aimed to increase the visibility on your website, there is the fundamental of using SEO tools (Search Engine Optimization).

Effective will be all the activities necessary to optimize the performance of the site, both in terms of content and navigability, to improve the ranking on search engines. Today, Google and other search engines reward sites with the best content and easy-to-navigate design. It is not enough to have an aesthetically appealing site, it must also be easy to find, consistent in content and easy to use.

These are the measures thanks to which the website will generate more qualified traffic, conveying on your site users interested in your company and the products it offers.

The SEO activities related to the institutional site are now routine for companies that intend to take advantage of the opportunities deriving from the internet. However, it is impossible to manually carry out activities regarding product SEO, given the large number of references in the catalog and their fast rotation. To make up for this lack and to better support our customers, Art&sofT has developed a plugin which manages automatically the indexing of your products through complex algorithm, in compliance with engines research tools, translating through AI in every language the website is published.

Digital Marketing | Social

The various internet channels are increasingly interconnected and contribute synergistically to represent advertising and promotion.

Social platforms today are irreplaceable tools to tell your company and its values. Visits to websites coming from social profiles and private pages are constantly increasing.

Our marketing department analyzes and plans marketing strategies for each individual customer, then dealing with specific staff training and subsequent coaching.

We are confident that no one besides you will be able to tell your company better. 

For this reason, the goal is to make you independent and support you in evaluating the results, such as managing images, articles and videos. We also support you in planning multi-channel marketing activities such as mail, WhatsApp, sponsorships, Ad campaigns.

This set of actions, constant and targeted, will attract qualified users from social networks and the web in general, and then redirect them to your business, resulting in increasingly detailed customer profiling, allowing you to convert marketing into one-to-one actions.

Promotion today becomes effective if conveyed through Social Networking activities that integrate as a primary Digital Marketing tool with other communication and sales strategies.

All crucial elements for better online visibility and for a real commercial expansion of the company.

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