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The analysis of the most modern softwares CRM and the collaboration with the largest brands of jewelry and watchmaking, have allowed us to develop a solution that interacts with any management program in use by customers, through web platforms available from every device at every moment.

Art&golD – XOX CRM is a Web-Based platform-specific profiling and management of the customers and also for the promotion of activities, news from your business and products. The luxury and high-end sectors need an exclusive and dedicated CRM, which takes into account the peculiarities , strategic and operational processes of the jewelry, that completely stand out from any other sector. Specifically, the need concerns the very high customer profiling, based on an accurate definition of the desired and chosen products, on the monitoring of all activities shared with the customer.

Our services are based on communication, commercial proposal, sales and after-sales, giving an attentive and punctual assistance through our customer care service. Our CRM offers an advanced and personalized management of customer data and a schematization based on the analysis of the purchase history and the approval ratings of the products viewed in the store or on the website. The CRM will select the items which will be proposed to the customer, dividing them into products fitting with their preferences or alternative to his profile.

At any time it will be possible to communicate with customers via eMail , Whatsapp or Social Network, while for the internal management of the company it is also possible to take advantage of chats, Tasks, Calendar and projects: all of these management are included in Art&golD – XOX CRM.


Working side by side with the best Jewelers in Italy we have developed and perfectioned the software in every aspect. It is not just traditional product handling, label printing and sales management, but also a solution that optimizes human resources and the warehouse.

Art&golD – XOX ERP is a Web-Based platform specific, for the complete management of the Jewellery and watchmaker’s shops that supports the sales force at any time using tablets and smartphones. The first way to optimize the warehouse is to know it and make it always usable during the sale phase, especially when it is divided into several stores, but also publish it on the internet, automatically synchronizing its products to extend the proposal to the users of the website. Sharing and updating in real time are possible thanks to the use of modern mobile technologies and the skills transmitted to us by the users who have contributed to the development of simple interfaces such as common apps.

Our ERP allows the management of repairs, estimates and quotations that can be made in real time via tablet and on the move, interacting with the customer through instant messaging systems such as WhatsApp.

All operations remain tracked and can be consulted at any time to evaluate the performance of the operators but also of the customers themselves. In fact, the available statistics cross the data relating to the sales and sales customers.


Immediate, clear and transparent communication; these are the objectives that XOX with its Xlive function offers to our customers. The management of video conferences, demo presentations and worn live jewelry, strengthen the image of your company, always updated to new digital developments, which allow to create a trust bond with maximum users and to reduce to zero the distances dependent on a digital communication tool.

The personalized and secure access within the area, will allow your customers to access in complete autonomy, exploit the potential that the software offers and unify the qualities of a jewelry management to a highly professional corporate communication tool.

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