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Our CRM software solution is the result of our collaboration with the largest Jewelry and Watch Brands, which have allowed us to develop an interactive solution, available for any business management program, through web platforms usable anytime from any device.

Here we introduce “Art&golD – XOX” CRM, a web based platform specifically for categorization and administration of costumers, also useful for the promotion of activities and news of various kinds. The luxury and high jewelry sector is exclusive and dedicated; it needs an equally superb and functional support that takes into account the peculiarities and strategic and operational processes that differ from any other sector.

In the specific, the Art&golD – XOX CRM software allows you to:

  • enhance the very high customer profiling, based on an accurate definition of desired and chosen products;
  • monitor all the activities shared with the customer;
  • promote communication, moving from the business proposal to sales and after-sales, integrating within the same, an attentive and timely customer care and assistance service;
  • get a personalized advanced management of your customers’ master data;
  • schematize preferences on the analysis of purchase history and approval ratings of products viewed in store or on the website.

Communicate with your customers via eMail, Whatsapp or Social Network, while within the internal management of the company you can take advantage of Chat, Task, Calendar and Projects tools.


Art&golD – XOX is a dedicated software solution for the complete management of Jewelry and Watch stores: it provides support to the sales force at any time through tablets and smartphones.
With ERP you can optimize and analyze the stock, it and makes it available at all times during sales, especially when it is divided into several stores. In addition, ERP synchronizes your products online by extending the web users proposals to web users; sharing and updating in real time is possible thanks to the use of modern mobile technologies. With specific user skills, simpler interfaces, such as common Apps, its functionalities can therefore be summarized as follow:

  • manages repairs, estimates and quotations: it can be carried out in real time through tablets and mobile;
  • it interacts with the customer through instant messaging systems such as WhatsApp.

All transactions remain tracked and can be accessed at any time; are also available cross-reference sales statistics, customer and your employee data.


XLIVE is the clear and a transparent communication tool inside your XOX software.
Here you can make videoconferences, demo presentations and live jewelry wearings; these elements reinforce the image of your company, and shows that is keeping up with the new digital evolutions every day, creating a bond of trust with users and reducing space-time gaps to zero.
The login is always customized and safe; each client will access to it in full autonomy, while enjoying the potential that the software offers, that is to say, the qualities of a jewelry management system with a highly professional business communication tool.

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