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About Us

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A synthesis of creative communication, marketing and technology.

We offer high-level services exclusively to the jewelry sector thanks to a team of professionals who have been able to combine highly customizable software platforms with creativity, graphics and design. We guarantee you the achievement of exclusive goals in terms of speed, safety and efficiency of results.
Art&sofT is an active partner of companies, we collaborate in every phase of growth and development of your marketing, commercial and management projects, creating “tailor-made” proposals in line with your every need.

About Us

Art&golD – XOX
CRM - ERP software for jewellery Boutiques

Our fully dynamic and configurable CRM software for advanced profiling of customer and potential customers. It also allows you to develop and communicate proposals to customers thanks to precise and detailed statistical analysis. Fully dynamic and configurable ERP software for simplified management of one or more stores. It allows you to monitor always boutique’ stock and analyse company performances.

About Us

Art&weB – XOX
Creativity, graphics, web for jewelry brand

We offer the creation of a very high profile institutional and promotional websites in terms of design, surfing experience and technology. We adopt communication strategies aimed at increasing online visibility and reputation. Creation of e-commerce sites compliant with the policies of jewellery and watch brands. It will possibile the synchronization of the products with warehouse stock and automatic generation of product SEO.

About Us

Art&mkT – XOX
Digital Marketing and SEO for the luxury industry

We help you define all of indexing strategies necessary to create visibility and on-line reputation, thanks to advanced SEO and SEM techniques. Activities aimed at increasing both store sales than online ones. Definition of strategies for Facebook and Instagram as well to support your communication as local brands coming up beside the most important international brands. Drafting plans, editorial and ADV campaigns.

About Us

Still Life and Worn Jewelry Photos

Art&sofT creates fully customized photo shoots, even at your Boutique. We give voice to your jewelry, and communicating to your customers high value content with style, refinement and elegance through worn shots, still life shots or set shots.

About Us

Support&Customer Care
Advice and specialized support in jewelry

Speed, professional and efficiency are the distinctive elements of the customer service department. A team of experts every day analyzes the specific needs of each customer, in order to find the appropriate solution to the specificities of each company with a single great goal: improve performance, optimize internal resources, speed up through our soft management every production, logistic, commercial or administrative process. We will be the first support of your jewelry store!

They talk about us

Art&sofT confesses itself to the most renowned newspapers in the luxury sector, with the aim of meeting your needs and those of the ever-evolving digital market.

Fairs & Events

The most important Goldsmith craft events and fairs in the world see ourselves participating and being the main character of a constant evolution, which leads the Luxury towards a Digital dimension.

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