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Hardware & System

Hardware & System

Hardware resale

Art&Soft is a Dell partner, world’s leading manufacturer of customized technology solutions and services.

eSystem is the technical and technological infrastructure integrated in Art&Soft that not only provides certified hardware, but also supplies a timely and highly reliable service which can meet the needs of all customers.

Today, Art&Soft can provide any solution from a Pc Client to a Clustered Server, taking care to backup, disaster recovery and security systems, in order to always guarantee the right solution.

Hardware assistance

eSystem is Art&Soft’s technical and system support lab.

The wide range of services offered by eSystem spans from solving hardware and software issues to Servers, Windows and Mac Pc’s and, to Networking (Networking Analysis and Networking Design) , High-level it consultancy (Active Directory Services, Terminal Services, User Access Restrictions Management to name a few), and enterprise security and data security systems, with tailor-made storage systems for every need.

eSystem: The Serious and Reliable Partner for Managing your it Network!

IT consulting

Art&Soft philosophy is simple: demonstrate to customer that it is not only a cost but a formidable partner for the development of any business activity. In order to do that, we offer all the eSystem experience, it Care and Counseling Department.

Computer consultancy must provide customer with all the information they need to grow their business, managing it by awide range of tools that technology offers. Reliability, innovation and business are the three words around which our work moves.

eSystem has grown thanks to these principles, but thanks to trust and support of our customers above all.

Computer security is the core of our purposes, that is why we guarantee the best security products for our customers.

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